Forgetting Ireland

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In January 2019, the law to allow women to ‘abort’ their babies finally went into effect about 8 months after the historic election. Things may never again be the same in Ireland. Back in college, I participated in what would become a semester’s long debate and, whether or not abortion was contraception.

People carefully debated the number of abortions a woman could have before it becomes a contraceptive device. I’ve had many discussions with students on the varied nuances that constitute one’s stance. And, there are many. We are supposed to stay out of their uterus. Will do.

Seeing all the pictures of the protests brought me back to those days in college. At the time, differing stances on the issue were tolerated. But, now, watching the unfolding events made me sick to my stomach. The pictures were shocking. And, they were unnerving. They were happy.

The avalanche of pictures showed sea after sea of women happy with their victory, and intolerant of the other’s point of view. They were happy, joyful, at the ability to kill their baby. It’s no one else’s business. I happen to know something about this too.

Abortion is the “gift” that keeps on giving. Abortion kills more than the baby. I have had a relationship with someone who had an abortion almost 40 years ago. It has never left her. And, there’s nothing I can say. Pro, con, or in-between, I will be wrong in her eyes. The darkness remains, and a law that allows abortion will not take that away.

It’s hard. “Why did they let me do it?”, they ask. I know. I’ve heard it more than once. Girls don’t really know what they are getting into. They’re told, we’re told, that it’s because of rape, but it’s not. It’s about incest, but it’s not. Ok, it’s about the health of the mother, umm that’s not it.

All those things are important. Ireland was confronted by the statistics showing that about 3000 women leave the country for their abortion. But, Irish abortions won’t alleviate the guilt. We hear of individual stories of women caught in catastrophic and heroic circumstances that support the need for abortive services.

While I’m sure the stories are true, that’s not why women get abortions. That’s not why 3000 women travel to the UK annually for their abortion. We were fortunate back then. Several doctors gave us their testimonies. Statistics about 1% rape, or incest, and the health of the mother. I’ll never forget…doctors stopped people in their tracks.

“My waiting room is NOT filled with girls with problems like that”. Over the years, I have heard the same thing a couple more times. Girls don’t flock to abortion clinics for the aforementioned circumstances. They go because it’s ok.

They go because they met someone while out with the girls. They go because Chevys have back seats. They go because they weren’t prepared for the difficult “no”. They go because they want to be liked. They go because they didn’t go home instead. They go to contracept.

Why are all those girls so happy? Seas of women gather together to celebrate. They celebrate the darkness where women make that “Choice”… Alone in the darkness. Happy no more.

They realize that they were betrayed. But, it’s too late. “Why did they let me do it?” Someone once confided in me decades after her abortion…Sobbing uncontrollably, “I killed my baby”.

No law, no boyfriend, no BFF, and no government will be able to convince her otherwise. Why are they so happy?

A year later, many in Ireland are downright upset. The “Guardian” is downright upset. Some politicians are downright upset. Yes, upset. Evidently, there isn’t an abortion clinic on every corner. In fact, according to the Guardian, it’s still downright hard to find one.

Apparently, there are STILL very, very mean Pro-Life forces. There are anti-abortive services. They are apparently rude, abusive,… and mean too. Crisis pregnancy agencies have popped up. And, they are coercive too. They’re disgusting, we’re told. On top of all this, doctors still refuse.

So, there are organized trips to go to…you guessed it, Britain.

Pray for Ireland…Pray for the babies of Ireland.


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