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Banned: Call No Man Father

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. It reminds me how churches across the countryside spend considerable time preparing for Father’s Day Sunday.  Special sermons are prepared. Gifts are ...

The Baby with the bathwater

Traditional Catholics need a slight rebranding. Let's contend for the faith by restoring the reverence in the Mass.

The Blood of Jesus is on your hands

Shortly after my first communion in the mid-sixties, I became an altar boy. Even at that early age, Altar boys became immersed in the liturgy ...

Forgetting Ireland

In January 2019, the law to allow women to ‘abort’ their babies finally went into effect about 8 months after the historic election. Things may ...

Set My People Free

It has become clear that the Vatican is under some spirit—let’s say the spirit of this world. The Church was to be the salt to ...
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Faith Path

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